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EV Chargers

charging station recharge EV car's battery

The growth of the Electric Vehicle market is relentless and seemingly inevitable. The reality is though, that the growth of the Electric Vehicles market has outpaced the necessary infrastructure to support them. The need for high-quality and cost-effective, but also efficient EV Charging Stations is increasingly critical. As the industry and technology are in their early stages, at least relative to the traditional vehicle industry, the options available for EV Chargers can at times seem somewhat daunting. At The Amp Solar company, our team is here to help show you this new technology. Call us today to find out more about our EV charging stations.

Standards Compliance

Much like the fuel you will get at any gas station, there need to be certain standards to allow different types of vehicles to be safely and effectively charged up. There have been numerous standards developed, with the goal of interoperability between different car brands. There are also different types of EV chargers, such as AC or DC chargers. The Amp Solar Company has options to cover different installation requirements, and our solutions comply with all the standards expected in our region. The DC models can even be hooked up to one of our comprehensive solar solutions, fully integrated into our greener power solutions.

Deployment Options

Nobody has a gas station in the home garage, well, almost nobody. The new age of EV vehicles does however open up the possibility of home charging. For this reason, some of our models are designed for indoor home installation. There are outdoor models as well, safe to install in the elements. There are a variety of options in terms of output amperage, which can determine how quickly a battery is charged. Their installation is simple and discreet, with wall mounts being the norm, and they barely stand out at all. What if you’re going on a trip though, and you’re worried you may not find any charging stations on the road? We’ve got you covered for that too. We have several portable models for the EV vehicle on the go.

Smart Enabled

Personal EV vehicles are products of the modern digital, interconnected age. Charging stations need to leverage technology to be smarter and more efficient. Our charging stations can be managed in a variety of ways. Some are controlled via an intuitive mobile app, although more cost-effective models forgo some of the more dynamic features in favor of direct and simpler control on the unit itself. Features such as dynamic load balancing, and network connectivity are simply a must for a future-proof EV Charging Station. Our smart chargers have everything you’re likely to need.


The Amp Solar Company has an EV Charger for any occasion. Whether you’re a private resident or need a commercial solution, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are affordable and definitely cost-effective. If you are looking to acquire an EV charger, or if you wish to find out more information on the EV chargers that we are able to offer, then be sure to get in touch with us so that we can further assist you. When it comes to anything power-related, you can count on us to deliver only the best quality, at the best pricing.

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