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solar panels on the roof of a house

Not all solar installations are implemented from the outset as a building is constructed. Although that trend is certainly on the increase, many solar deployments are done post-construction, sometimes years after completion. It’s a reality then that many home or business owners have a need for solar power, but not enough capital to get the work done if the costs were never built into the original mortgage. The Amp Solar Company offers affordable and competitive financing rates. Be sure to reach out to our team if you would like to find out more about our solar solution financing options.

Cost Benefits

A solar power installation is somewhat unique compared to many other infrastructure additions you could make to your home or commercial property. A professionally scoped and installed solar power solution increases the value of the property whilst simultaneously reducing your monthly energy costs. Saving you money whilst growing your asset value at the same time, what a deal. That’s why it is so critical to ensure you get the most competitive financing rates, to maximize those cost-saving benefits. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in finding out more about the great benefits of a solar solution!

No Middlemen

One of the benefits of financing your solar power installation with The Amp Solar Company is that there is no third party in the transaction. Once you have your hardware and installation quote, there are many financial institutions and banks that can offer loan facilities. Those options take time as the bank concludes any necessary assessments of the project. Many financiers will want to check if the project is being implemented by an accredited solar installer for example. All that falls away when The Amp Solar Company is your installer and provides financing. Maybe they want to ensure that high-quality and standards-approved hardware is being used, as your solar contractor, we know exactly what products are being specified and why.

Competitive Project Rates

Any bank or financial institution offering financing on a solar power project will inevitably need to select their rates based solely on their role in the project, which is interest on the loan. Choosing The Amp Solar Company for an end-to-end solution, including financing, allows our team to look at the whole project holistically. We tailor our financing packages to suit your needs and can offer attractive interest rates thanks to becoming involved with the entire project, not just the financing. If you would like to find out more about our financing options, or get in touch with us to apply for financing, make sure to get in touch with our team.

Financing Options

The Amp Solar Company is not a corporate bank. Our team knows you, your home, your business, and your needs. We offer several financing options and are best placed to know which of the options are best suited to you. In addition to traditional interest-based financing, we also offer rent-to-own financing over multiple term options. This is a great option to consider when financing directly with your solar contractor. It means you receive support over the rental period should any issues be experienced, giving you peace of mind and flexibility. Reach out to our trusted and reliable team for more information on our financing options, or to get more clarity on the solar solutions we provide.

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