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cleaning solar panel with microfiber mop on wet roof

It’s a common misconception that solar power solutions are maintenance-free, finish the installation and then just leave everything alone for the lifetime of the hardware. This is unfortunately not the case. Solar panels need to be professionally maintained and cared for during their lifetime, or their operating efficiency will degrade. Furthermore, a solar power solution is ultimately still a power solution with a lot of electrical energy being generated and distributed. It is always recommended that the system is checked for safe operation, especially if your solar system is wired into your building distribution system, and compliant with building standards.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels should be regularly and professionally cleaned. If the panels are not kept clear of dirt or any other kind of foliage and obstructions, then the energy generation efficiency will be reduced. Salt Lake City Solar Company offers professional solar panel cleaning services, bringing all the right tools for the job, to keep your home or business powered optimally. Keeping your panels clean and well-maintained can also help maximize their lifespan. If there is a significant and uneven build-up of dirt on the panel surface, cells can get damaged. Be sure to contact our team at The Amp Solar Company to assist with any maintenance and cleaning requirements for your solar solution.

Regular Maintenance Options

The Amp Solar Company offers ad hoc and once-off maintenance services as well as maintenance contracts. All maintenance services are available regardless of whether or not we did the original installation. Once-off cleaning and maintenance services will be quoted once our team has gathered all the necessary information, a site check may be required to confirm the panel types and quantity. We also need to consider ease of access to the panels themselves and any equipment required. Maintenance contracts are available for multi-year terms if required, with a regular schedule of site visits and preventative maintenance. Contact us today to find out more.

Any Deployment Type

The Amp Solar Company offers cleaning services no matter what type of installation you have. Residential maintenance and cleaning are offered to private standalone homes. We don’t stop there though. We have experience with larger commercial residential and corporate properties, as well as industrial installations. Whilst the solar solutions are fundamentally the same, there can be a lot of restrictions and considerations for maintenance work being done on industrial sites. Our technicians have all the necessary certifications and experience to work safely at height on any site, industrial included.

Free Quotation

If you are based in Salt Lake City, and you are in search of a trusted and reliable company that can assist with your solar energy system cleaning and maintenance, then make us your first choice. With a proven trust record, and customers that return to us, you can count on us to provide high-quality services, every time. Contact our friendly staff today for a free quote and advice about a service solution tailored to your needs and budget. Solar solutions are the future, best to get ahead of the game and get in touch with us to get your solar solution deployed today!

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