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Solar Company Salt Lake City

The Amp Solar Company

solar panels in a hard from one of the best solar companies utah has to offer

If you are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and you are interested in having a new solar solution installed, whether for your home or commercial property, then look no further than The Amp Solar Company to assist. Our team has assisted so many customers in deploying high-quality and affordable solutions for many years, and in turn, has become a leading solar solutions service provider within and around Salt Lake City. Contact us today and let us assist in getting your new solar power system installed today.

One of the Best Solar Companies Utah Has to Offer

The Amp Solar Company offers the best products backed by incredible customer service. Many solar companies have a reputation for not sticking around to help their customers after installation.

Not us. We stick with our people to ensure their investment in solar power is sound. Providing ongoing maintenance and repairs to your solar installation in Salt Lake City is our commitment.

If you want the best solar installer for Salt Lake City residents, then be sure to call The Amp. We are the best solar company along the Wasatch Front. No other local solar companies take care of their customers as well as we do. Our solar installations come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you want solar in Salt Lake, click the "get quote" and send us your details or give us a call.

Best Solar Company

An Important Factor to Consider When Looking for a Solar Provider

People want to know they are getting the best when it comes to choosing a solar power company. Most solar companies don't stick around for longer than 5 years, yet the equipment they sell you has a warranty for 25 years. This can leave the buyer without support and maintenance once the original company they used disappears. Be sure to choose a company with a great reputation, fantastic reviews, and a record for sticking around long-term.

Other Factors to Consider

Another factor to consider is the quality of hardware and up-to-date technology. The solar landscape changes rapidly with the constant increase of new technology. Be sure to ask the provider about their solar panels and where they are manufactured. We provide the most up-to-date materials and technology for our customers. Other reputable companies are Blue Raven Solar and ES Solar.

About Us

Founded several years ago by a group of people who had a vision of transforming the way energy is generated and used, The Amp Solar Company has become a leading solar energy company in Salt Lake City. Our solar contractors know the business inside and out, so you can trust us to take care of you properly.

We work hard to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our services and installations, from the very first day. If you are looking to convert to solar, then do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more information.

OUR MISSION: To improve homeowners' lives by lowering energy costs and boosting their use of abundant and clean renewable energy. We offer an exceptional customer experience through a dependable sales process and a prompt, high-caliber solar installation in Salt Lake City.

We give Salt Lake City homeowners an easy and cost-effective option to receive the newest solar technology. We supply the rest; you supply the house.

Workmanship Warranty

Our solar installations come with a 1-year workmanship warranty. We are confident we will be the best solar company for you. Other solar contractors may disappear soon after the installation process is over. Our top customer service and ongoing maintenance prove why we are the number one solar provider, even over Blue Raven Solar. Let our solar contractors show you why we are one of the top-rated companies in the Salt Lake area.

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    How Solar Energy Works

    Solar energy is powered by a trifecta of economics, technology, and customer service. Before we can get to those, however, we start with the basics: the sun. Did you know that the sun emits enough energy onto Earth every hour to sustain human civilization for a whole year?

    You can use sunshine to power your life! And you can only harvest it if you have the proper equipment. Going solar is practically as simple as flicking a switch thanks to The Amp Solar Company Salt Lake City, which integrates all of these things into a hassle-free experience.

    Solar Technology

    The technology required to produce solar power energy consists of a few things. These are photovoltaics, power inverters, net metering, and of course, solar photons. Making the switch to solar increases the value of your house while lowering power costs and your carbon footprint. You can go green and save the planet while also saving your energy bills!

    Solar Economics

    More affordable equipment, substantial tax breaks from the government, and no-hassle financing options make solar energy more accessible than ever to most homeowners. With rising electricity costs nationwide, rooftop solar systems frequently pay for themselves in a few years.

    Solar Panel Installation Service

    Installing panels requires multiple steps throughout the process. The Amp Solar Company Salt Lake City takes care of these all for you and with complete transparency along the way. These include the planning and designing of the solar panel system, obtaining necessary permits, solar panel installation, inspections, and connecting it to the power grid. Every stage of installing solar panels has its own procedure. Our staff makes every effort to ensure a trouble-free solar experience when you choose The Amp Solar Company.

    The Process of Solar Energy Production for Your Home


    Electrons come from solar panels' negatively charged top layer when photons from the sun strike it. Direct Current (DC) power charges when those free electrons come into an electric field that exists between a solar cell's positive-charged semiconducting silicon and its negative top layer.


    The DC current from solar power needs to be converted before being added to a home's power supply. Without the conversion, we can't use it because AC power is for domestic appliances. In order to accomplish that conversion from DC to AC, we must install a power inverter.


    A home's main electrical panel receives updated wiring and circuit breakers in order to add the converted solar power. The electrical panel distributes power to the various circuits throughout the house after the new solar power supply is hooked in.


    The simplest solar energy storage solution is to rewire your home's power meter to measure electricity coming into and out of the building. Through a system known as "net metering," utility companies can monitor the energy that their customers contribute to the grid and either precisely bill them for the electricity they withdraw or equitably credit their account for the energy they provide. This will depend on the city you live in and how the local city ordinances and power grid have things set up.


    As you'd expect, the greatest production of solar power happens during the middle of the day. These are often the hours when there is less need for electricity. In contrast, people need more electricity at night for lighting and while most family members are home from school and work. But the nighttime is when solar panels don't produce any energy. This is why "net metering" is so important. You get a credit for the power you added to the grid while also using energy later from the same grid. It works best to remain connected to the power grid for this reason.


    Another option is to use solar batteries to store the excess power generated by your solar panels. This way, you can draw on the electricity straight from your batteries rather than from the power grid. You might consider a blend of the two options, however. This way, you can be independent of the grid if needed, but have access to more electricity continually. Then you don't have to worry about running out of power during non-emergency times. And if the grid is ever down temporarily, you have your own backup power supply even when the sun isn't shining.

    Our services include but are not limited to, solar panels outright purchases, batteries purchase, EV charges supply, financing options, as well as maintenance and cleaning services. If you have been looking to make the change to solar, and you have been looking for a reliable and trusted company to assist with the solar installation of your new service, then make sure you reach out to us to assist. Our team is readily available to assist you with any questions that you may have. Our services are rated highly along with other popular companies such as Blue Raven Solar and ES Solar.

    Solar Panels

    The main component of a new solar energy system are the solar panels. Getting the highest quality and longest-lasting solar panels in Salt Lake City is important. This solar power system needs to last decades to come and that won't happen if you get the lowest grade solar panels on the market. Knowing what power is required, and how much power is needed will determine the type of solar panel will be needed. We carry a wide range of different solar panels in stock and ensure that we provide our customers with the absolute best possible pricing. Whether you require a supply only, or if you require that we do the installation, you can count on our team to provide quality supply and solar panel installation.

    Solar Batteries

    To ensure that your solar solution gives you power 24/7, batteries should be included. Having solar batteries allows you to be "off-grid" and use your solar power even when the sun is not shining. Once you give us a call to understand your full requirement, our team will be able to best advise you on what battery or batteries will be required to make sure your system works at full capacity, giving you the power you need. For more information on the batteries that we provide to our new and existing customers, or to acquire pricing on the batteries that we have available for purchase, then be sure to contact us.

    “I got a solar installation done by The Amp Solar Company for my 4-bedroom home, and have never looked back. I had been considering solar for a while because our monthly electric bill seemed to grow every month, there was just no end. It was always a tough decision though, to outlay so much money upfront. I started getting quotes from a few contractors in the area, and their rates were super competitive. I got a call back from one of their sales team members and they offered me a great deal on financing and installation. They had the best complete package by far. The installation itself went smoothly as well, their installers got the job done quickly and the installation was neat and tidy. I thought it was going to be quite a disruption for a while, but it really wasn’t. Every month I’m saving, I’m completely satisfied.” Ross G.

    EV Chargers

    Apart from the batteries and solar panels that we provide to our customers, we are also able to offer our customers EV chargers. We provide our customers with high-quality EV chargers, that come with a warranty and support that will ensure you get your money's worth. If you are based in Salt Lake City, and you are currently looking for a trusted supplier to provide you with assistance to give you an informed perspective on what EV charger to purchase, then look no further than The Amp Solar Company.

    Solar Installation Financing

    Solar energy may come with a big initial cost, so getting a solar lease is necessary for most to pay for it. The savings you get in the long run is more than worth it. At The Amp Solar Company, we are able to offer financing options that meet your budget with a solar lease.

    Whether you are looking to go off the grid completely, or just be able to rely on your solar system occasionally, we will ensure to provide you with a solution that meets your needs and budget. You will also learn about the several solar incentives currently in place for Utah residents. These solar incentives will reduce your overall cost of solar installation.

    One of the best parts about getting renewable energy with a solar loan or solar lease is that you can essentially "freeze" your utility bills from skyrocketing on you in the future. When you combine that with getting the federal tax credit for installing the system, it's clear why going solar is the right choice.

    “I am the building manager for a commercial-zoned property block. Any business needs to minimize its operating expenses in order to maximize profits. For our business, we have to offer a compelling reason to choose office space from us instead of elsewhere. Location is not everything in real estate. One of the reasons we generally have full occupancy in our office spaces is that we have solar power available to all our tenants for a nominal fee. As the building owners we covered the capital expense of the solar installations, and our renters reap the benefits of lower electric bills for their operating expenses. All of our tenants are more profitable because of this deal.” Jess Y.


    Apart from the supply of solar solutions that we offer, which includes the installation of batteries and solar panels, we also provide the services of maintenance and cleaning of solar solutions. To ensure that your solar system has a long lifespan, it is imperative that you carry out the necessary maintenance for the upkeep of the system. Our team understands what is required to ensure your solar system sees a long lifespan, get in touch with us today to assist with any cleaning and or maintenance of your solar system.

    Solar FAQ

    When making the change to solar, and investing your hard-earned money into a new system like solar, you may be left with a lot of questions, well we are here to help answer any questions that you may have. Whether you want to know how solar energy works, how much it costs, or how much your return on investment will be, regardless of the questions you may have in mind, you can count on us to assist in resolving any uncertainty you may have.

    “My husband and I had been considering solar for some time. We just felt that it would be a good investment and of course a positive impact on the environment. We weren’t too sure about how it worked, what is cost was, or anything thereof. We made a few calls to a couple of companies within Salt Lake City, however, none carried the knowledge or expertise quite like The Amp Solar Company. After going back and forth with their team for a few months, I can confidently say we are completely off the grid. Happy customers indeed. Highly recommended.” Grace U.

    Locations We Service

    We service all along the Wasatch Front! Our base is in Salt Lake County, but we also service Utah, Davis, and Weber counties as well.

    Here are some of the cities where we have established a strong presence installing solar systems for both residences and businesses:

    When researching what solar energy production company is right for you, you will come across large companies such as Blue Raven Solar, ES Solar and Smart Wave Solar. But you won't find local solar contractors with as great customer service and financing options to go along with stellar materials and installation as The Amp. Our solar installations will provide you with the ability to go off-grid and help the environment, all while saving your energy bill from increasing in the years to come. There is no better option for solar in Salt Lake.

    Having heard about all the quality solar services that we offer, all that is left for you to do is contact us so that we can further assist. Whether you are looking for a supply of additional solar panels or batteries, or if you are looking for a company that can assist with the installation of a new solar system, make us your first choice. Get in touch with our trusted team here at The Amp Solar Company for any solar requirement that you may have.